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That’s a BINGO!

Last week I finished my Book Riot Read Harder challenge for the first time! This is the third year I’ve participated and while I’ve always read more than the 24 books require to complete the challenge my selections haven’t always met the criteria in order to finish.

2017 Read Harder BINGO_Maddie

This year I buckled down and focused on the required categories to make sure I completed the Read Harder challenge. I planned out a list of possible titles for the different categories — selections that both allowed me to work through my existing to be read pile, the audiobooks I could download from the library to listen to as I walked my dog, and books I could check out from the library. The only off-challenge titles I let myself read before finishing the challenge was the March graphic novel trilogy and a book to prepare myself for a trip to Croatia.

I appreciated that this year’s challenge really focused on diversity of authors – it also helped me on my continual goal to diversify my reading.

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