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Hopefully you’re seeing a lot of these images today.


September 10, 2014 is #InternetSlowdown Day which is meant to draw attention to the fact that big cable companies are trying to break net neutrality (also known as Open Internet) and charge websites money to deliver their content to YOU in the fastest way possible.


What does that mean? Well, to use the most popular example, if Netflix wants you to be able to watch the most recent season of Sons of Anarchy without the delay of the “loading” bar it will have to pay Comcast, AND Cable One, AND Mediacom and other companies to ensure your experience is seamless. Who wants to guess the odds that this cost the cable companies is pocketing will get (at least a little) passed onto consumers?

Another reason I’m concerned is that ramifications this can have for public libraries and schools who are delivering more and more content and educational activities via the Internet. Are schools and libraries going to have to pony up for these price gauges? On an already stretched budget? Will the people who use the video streaming, electronic book and article access, or just INTERNET access at these locations going to be adversely affected as a result? ABSOLUTELY.


Net Neutrality fosters innovation and creativity — it creates a relatively level playing field for the big and little guys to reach their audiences. If information access is limited to the big voices that can pay, the information exchange will suffer. Furthermore, you’re already paying the cable companies for access to the Internet, should you have to pay more to reach the services you want? That you might already (like Netflix) pay for ? NO.

So please, do something. Contact your legislators. Tell them that Net Neutrality is for the PUBLIC GOOD.


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