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Reentering the blogging world

I’ve been reading many library blogs from some of my favorite librarians on Twitter (and filling my Google Reader with them) and thought it might be time to splash back into the web authored world. Some of these library blogs are professional, others strictly personal, or a range of both. I intend this to be an area to express my professional and personal interests.

Years ago I had a Diary-X account but beyond Facebook and for the last year Twitter, I have not had much of a personal web presence. Today I decided to try and change that. My goal is post at least once (and hopefully twice) a week on current activities that enrich my life or just general items that interest me.

I hope you find they interest you to!

Note: The name chosen for this blog (Librarye Keeper) is an old-fashioned term for librarian. However, the regular spelling of the word library was already taken so I chose a much older spelling I located in an etymology dictionary in my reference section.


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