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Signs of Spring

It’s March and Spring has Sprung!

That is, we hope it has…there were some snow flakes today but next week there are 50s in the forecast and I am hoping that today’s flakes were the very last of winter.

There are some promising signs this pas week, including…

At the start of the week my thyme which I stubbornly kept watering over the winter despite it remaining brown suddenly sprung lots of new green growth! So, now (hopefully) I don’t have to buy another thyme plant!

Spring Thyme

And yesterday I put the laundry on the line for the first time since November. I’ve read you can hang laundry out all the year even when its freezing but I am not that intrepid. Give me 39-41 degrees Fahrenheit and a sunny day and I will take that laundry challenge (even with snow on the ground)!

Spring Laundry

What signs of spring have you seen?


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