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2015 Reads

I set myself two reading challenges for 2015: My Goodreads Challenge to complete 50 books in the calendar year and the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge which I made into a BINGO sheet and competed with coworkers to complete.

Good News: I surpassed my Goodreads goal and read 52 books in 2015.


Bad News: I was two books short of completing my #ReadHarder Challenge. I should have been more strategic.


2015 Read Harder

I am most disappointed by the fact that the two white squares are two books that I never read. I am partly through a book of Rumi poetry and have the first book of the Outlander series on my table – I just chose to read other books instead.

So what did I read in 2015? Lets do my annual breakdown.

2015 Stats: 52 books


Authors read in 2015 – 23 books by men, 1 anthology, 28 books by women.

In 2015, only 53.8% of the books I read are by women authors – this is a 24% drop from the previous year which disappoints me. I wonder if the Read Harder Challenge which pushed me out of my regular reading habits somehow skewed me towards more male authors.


This year I read 4 books by an author known or easily identified as part of the LGBTQ community. This is slight improvement over the previous year and means I need to continue focusing my attention on expanding my reading of these authors.


A look at the authors I read by race:  41 white,  4 Asian, 4 Black,  1 Native American, 1 Hispanic authors  (and 1 anthology). This continues to be disappointing, I did not really improve the racial diversity of my reading since last year.


5 biographies – 2 essays – 3 fantasy – 16 novels – 8 memoirs – 3 mystery – 4 general non-fiction – 2 science fiction – 2 self-improvement – 3 collections of short stories – 4 young adult novels.

I am pleased by the range of genres I covered in 2015. My traditional genres have been fiction, memoir, essays, and a smattering of non-fiction. The inclusion of fantasy, science fiction, and mystery in my reading repertoire continues to show a broadening scope.


As I’ve referenced several times in this blog I have embraced audiobooks due to a 40-minute commute to work. In 2015,  28 (more than half!) of the books in my 52 count were audio books (CDs or OverDrive/Audio 360 downloads). 7 books that I read in 2015 were graphic novels – more than twice the number of graphic novels I read last year!

Looking Forward

My coworkers and I are doing the Book Riot Read Harder 2016 Challenge and I’m thinking about setting my Goodreads Challenge to 54 books next year.


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