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Adventures as a Substitute Librarian

About 6 months after I left my first libraryland job I have been welcomed back to the fold.

When I moved to my new little town and took a job as a grant writer at a nearby community college I emailed the director of our public library with my resume and asked to be considered if a substitute librarian job ever opened up. In January I received an email asking if I could help cover while the adult services librarian is on maternity leave.

The library is still housed in a beautiful Carnegie building. It’s on the street that overlooks Main Street and has views across the river.


It doesn’t have the most space which is a challenge for computer access and collection development so that will be interesting to take on. My responsibility for collection development and weeding is adult fiction and audiobooks – the library is really big on the Play Aways rather than CD audiobooks. It still doesn’t have the Colin Firth reading of Graham Greene’s The End of the Affair which I have seen recommended at least twice on BookRiot – so that will be one of my first purchases!

I started training a few weeks ago – a few hours 2 evenings a week and several Saturdays a month. While I am covering for the maternity leave I get to help with outreach, social media, weeding, and collection development. I’m really excited – this will be my first stint in a public library.

So, does anyone have suggestions for best tips for a substitute public librarian?


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