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2014 Reading: Diversity Evaluation

Last year I thought it would be enlightening to breakdown what I read by genre, author, etc. and found the results interesting. Out of 50 books 62% were by women, 86% were by white authors, and I was pleased by the spread of genres I covered. Lets see how 2014 compares.

**If I read more than one book by an author (for example I read all of the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling) I counted them each time.**

2014 Stats: 45 Books — 11,266 pages

2014 Books


Authors read in 2014 – 9 Books by men, 36 books by women.

I am proud that 80% of the books I read are by women authors. As I mentioned last year there is a gender gap in publishing but I seem to gravitate towards female authors without giving it too much thought.

LGBTQ: This year I read 2 books by a known gay author. This was a new author to me but the small number of books and the fact that both books were by the same person indicates to me that I need to make an effort to expand my reading in this area.


A look at the authors I read by race: 39.5 white, 1 Asian, 1 African, 1.5 Native American, 2 Hispanic authors. This continues to be disappointing, I did not really improve the diversity of my reading since last year — hopefully the Book Riot Read Harder challenge will push me along this goal. Also note that Sarah Vowell was counted as .5 white and .5 Native American in the racial breakdown.


7 memoirs—1 short stories—6 fantasy— 11 Children/Young Adult—13 Fiction—1 essays—4 non-fiction—2 mystery

I am pleased by the range of genres I covered in 2013. My traditional genres have been fiction, memoir, essays, and a smattering of non-fiction. The inclusion of fantasy and mystery in my reading repertoire continues to show a broadening scope. As with last year for the purpose of fantasy v science fiction I used the Ray Bradbury definition – that science fiction COULD happen but fantasy couldn’t. In 2013 I did read 2 science fiction books but apparently did not include any of that genre in this past year.


As I’ve referenced several times in this blog I have embraced audiobooks due to a 40-minute commute to work. In 2014,  21 (almost half!) of the books in my 45 count were audio books (CDs or OverDrive downloads) and 1 book was an ebook (a GoodReads ebook). 3 books that I read in 2014 were graphic novels – a format I hope to continue including in the future.

Looking forward:

My goal for 2015 is to read 50 books. Last year I upped this goal to 52 and feel short, I hope that even with more attention being given to our new house and garden I will be able to #makeithappen


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