2014 Reading in Review

My 2014 GoodReads Challenge goal was to read 52 books — last year I successfully completed my 50 books goal and felt I should up my game. Unfortunately, I did not meet this goal — I hit 45 books (maybe 47 if I finish an ebook and audiobook by the end of the day!).

I DID however complete my Reading BINGO challenge.


I had a great time figuring out which books I was reading would fit the criteria and which books I would NEED to read to complete the challenge. In 2015 I’m going to create my own BINGO sheet based on the Goodreads/BookRiot Read Harder Challenge. Download the page Read Harder BINGO.

Read Harder BINGO

Who wants to play?


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One response to “2014 Reading in Review

  1. Gim

    I remember your post last year breaking down what you read. It inspired me to do the same this year! And I love this reading challenge! I saw a challenge on Pinterest by PopSugar but bingo is more fun. I’m in!

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