2013 Reads

Forgive the long lapse between posts – November/December have been busy with my first national conference, holidays, and lots of grants and grant reports due at the end of the year.

Yesterday I officially met my GoodReads goal of 50 books read in 2013 and I thought it would be enlightening to breakdown what I read by genre, author, etc. I saw several bloggers do a similar posts last year and found their results interesting.

If I read more than one book by an author (for example I read both Eleanor & Park and Fan Girl by Rainbow Rowell) I counted them each time.

2013 Stats: 50 Books — 14,993 pages

Reading 2013


Authors read in 2013 – 19 Books by men, 31 books by women.

I am proud that 62% of the books I read are by women authors. A gender gap in the publishing industry makes this slightly surprising although I have usually sought out books by women.

LGBTQ: 3 books I read in 2013 were authored by LGBTQ authors. All three were essay/memoirs. Does anyone have authors of other genres to suggest?


A look at the authors I read by race: 43 Caucasian, 1 Asian, 1 African American, 1 Native American, 3 Persian authors. This is more disappointing, I clearly need to make more of an effort in racial diversity of my reading. A friend recently provided a list of books/authors to read from South American/Central American authors and I have several books by African and Asian authors on my to-read list. I must make more of an effort to seek these titles out.


11 memoirs—4 short stories—5 fantasy—3 Young Adult—15 Fiction—2 essays—2 science fiction—7 non-fiction—1 mystery

I am pleased by the range of genres I covered in 2013. My traditional genres have been fiction, memoir, essays, and a smattering of non-fiction. The inclusion of fantasy, science fiction, and mystery in my reading repertoire really show a broadening scope. For the purpose of fantasy v science fiction I used the Ray Bradbury definition – that science fiction COULD happen but fantasy couldn’t.


Let 2013 be known as the year I embraced audio books. Due to a prolonged family move I spent a fair amount of time on the road and didn’t want to waste those rural drives. 7 of the books in my 50 count were audio books (CDs or OverDrive downloads) and 2 books were ebooks (one a computer download, one a GoodReads ebook). Given my longer, rural commute in our new town I expect audiobooks to figure largely in the 2014 count.

Looking forward:

I am still deciding what my 2014 goal should be. My plans to start a garden and be more active in the community give me some hesitation to push my goal higher (at least by much). What are your goals for the new year?


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