Autumn Veggie Tart

Are you an NPR fan? Do you listen to The Splendid Table on Sundays? We’re not avid listeners but I love when I’m in the car and catch a new episode of this foodie show. We also will listen to back episodes on road trips.

A few years back my mom gave my husband and I a copy of their book: The Splendid Table’s How To Eat Supper.

One of our favorite recipes in the book is their Supper Tart which is also on their American Public Media site. Look at the recipe and revel in how weird it seems at first glance: a baked tart with grapes and greens. And get ready for us to make it weirder!

Because of course, over the couple of years we’ve been making this delicious creation, we’ve made some changes here and there.

The first change (I think from the get-go) was the crust. We never have puff pasty in the freezer and it’s not exactly the healthiest option. I’ve been making pizza dough for a number of years now so we just to use that. For quick days when you don’t want to think ahead and wait for dough to rise this is my go-to recipe: No Yeast Pizza Dough. I usually make the flour 1/2 white flour, 1/2 whole wheat to make it more healthy. If you go any higher with the whole wheat ratio then the dough becomes unmanageable.

See how pretty homemade dough is:


Originally for the vegetable part of this supper tart we used the Splendid Table’s mixed greens but have played around with different items we find at the grocery store or during the summer the farmers’ market. This time we tried Kale. Not my favorite (have you cooked Kale in the oven at home? It crisps up like Kale chips – not terrible, but not great).


But the kicker for OUR version of the supper tart? Sweet potatoes. I have really come to love sweet potatoes in things – tarts, frittatas, chili (just not sweet potato fries – weird). We just brown them up …

Sweet Potatos

and then put them on tart following the rest of the regular recipe. Oh, except we just put the grapes on after the tart cooks. I still can’t get behind the idea of cooked grapes – I pick raisins out of anything I find them in!

Super Tart


Plus, this is the perfect fall treat – it’s warm and nourishing and the key ingredients – sweet potatoes, grapes, and greens (kale, radish greens, spinach, etc.) are all seasonal items.


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