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Friday was my last day at my first job in libraryland. Leaving was bittersweet – I’m excited for my next step but I will miss my co-workers and some of my responsibilities such as information literacy and cataloging.

A couple of months ago my husband accepted a new job 1.5 hours from where we were. It was a great opportunity for him, so after much deliberation, we moved him, our dog, and all of our stuff up to his new job and I started looking. Fortunately I have a few good friends who put up with me during the week so I could continue at my library job until I found a new one.

So tomorrow I will start my new job. It’s outside of libraries but will put my research and writing skills to good use. Once I’ve gotten comfortable working in grants and contracts for higher education I will revisit the topic (widely written about recently) of librarians working outside of libraries.

Which brings me to the name of this blog. I still consider myself a librarian and hope to volunteer in libraries during this stint outside of libraries. I do, however, have an extensive library at home, making the name of this blog not entirely incorrect.

In fact, at our new place I have had to get creative shelving my books because my collection is more extensive than my bookshelves allow.

Our rental house has a loft area that we didn’t really plan on using – so my husband suggested I use the stairs as built-ins. And ta-da!

Stairs Bookcase. side viewjpg

This is my fiction (read) collection. Bookcases around the house house to-be-read fiction, non-fiction, and my collection of Mitford items. Wherever we move next better have some built-ins!


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