National Library Week

We’re coming to the close of National Library Week – a 7-day period when we shower love on our libraries and librarians (at least in the library world – my non-library friends haven’t given much indication they know about this week, but that’s a whole other conversation).

Last year I didn’t do much for National Library Week. I was gearing up for Money Smart Week and didn’t have the time or resources to focus on both. This year I decided to give it a whirl and the big challenge was coming up with a display/activity that would engage students who both come to campus and those (the majority) who are online.

So I settled on a matching game. Match the faculty/staff member with their favorite library book. This could be shared both physically and electronically (emailed, shared on Facebook, etc.). It was inspired by an activity on campus a few years back in honor of a Photography Day/Month/Week – where students were challenged to match current staff pictures with their baby pictures.

The result?


It’s turned out well and has really engaged the students. I tried to involve staff and faculty from a range of departments – we have an administrator, a nursing faculty member, an admissions advisor, a staff member from our Career Services Department, and of course, me. It’s been really fun to see and hear how the students match us up against the books. So far everyone thinks my chosen title is either the Dictionary (because I’m a librarian) or Until Tuesday (I’m famous here for my love of dogs). They will be surprised!

I also put the books themselves on display in the library.

NLW Display

As any display should (hopefully) do – this has generated some buzz among the students – several of whom have expressed interest in reading The Great Gatsby before the movie comes out and a couple medical assistant students who are interested in Henrietta Lacks (yay!).

Overall I would say it has been a successful National Library Week.


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