Peer Writing Tutors

About two months I received an additional responsibility at work.  Now I include in my domain, the library, the student bookstore, and the tutoring center. These are all single rooms located next to each other in one wing of a building so the geographic nature of this addition makes sense. As does the fact that the peer tutors housed in the center often help their fellow students with writing and research.

Since receiving this new responsibility I have noticed that our peer tutors have a range of skills. We try to employ at least one tutor in each discipline we offer on campus and they are hired based on their strength in their own departments.  As we approach the end of the term the other tutor center responsibility has become more prevalent: proof reading and editing papers.

In this, the skills vary widely. It is partially, I believe, because the programs vary on expectations regarding our school’s chosen citation & formatting style – APA. However, in my opinion it is very important that all tutors are on the same page when it comes to editing.

So I am creating an APA boot camp. The tutors will be expected to complete a series of quizzes and challenges regarding APA formatting and citation and only when I believe an individual has allowed the rules and complexities sink into their bones will I add them to the list of Approved Editors.

My APA Boot Camp will include:

An APA Quiz from Utah Valley University

Draft your own title page

Draft your own Reference page

Create in-text citations from that Reference page

Williams College Libraries APA Quiz

A quiz of my own making

Do you have preferred writing/grammar/style resources?

My next step in remaking the tutoring center is to create a bibliography of helpful resources the tutors and students can use when writing/editing.


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