New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve never been very big on forced resolutions. I don’t really remember ever making New Year’s Resolutions as a kid and can only really recall 2 I’ve made as an adult. My 2012 NYR was to stop buying products that were tested on animals.

That NYR was inspired by watching a video posted by the Beagle Freedom Project. It really spoke to my husband who grew up with a Beagle and I’ve always been a sucker for a dog’s sweet brown eyes. I still have to change the channel or step out of the room when the Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial comes on the screen. **SPOILER** My husband says he’s never seen anyone cry so hard as when he watched The Adventures of Yellow Dog with me and I thought the dog had died falling off the tree bridge.

Seriously though, the moment in the video from The Beagle Freedom Project when they touch grass for the first time in their lives, is beyond wonderful and sad at the same time.

So I made my resolution. And supposedly my mom made it too although I’m not sure how rigorous she was. To be fair, I will admit straight up that I was not perfect. For one thing my husband called me out on the fact that I still am using animal-tested beauty products. But I figured that rather than throwing everything I had away I might as well use up what I had and slowly integrate new products into my routine. Somehow I am still working through all of the shampoo I had in the closet.

Things I did buy that were cruelty-free in 2012:

1) Burts Bees lotions

2) Method bathroom cleaner and wood polish

3) Alba astringent and face lotion

4) Green Works dish soap

5) E.L.F. cuticle pen (Eyes, Lips, Face)

6) EOS lip balm & shave lotions

7) Ecos laundry detergent

8) Aveda conditioner

9) Say Yes to Carrots facewash

10) Eco Lips

The most full-proof system I could find was to use products that either have the Leaping Bunny logo on the packaging or are listed by The Leaping Bunny as cruelty-free. That said, I’m sure there are companies out there that are not licensed by such organizations that are cruelty-free. Plus, then there’s the murky decision if you purchase products from one company if they owned by another larger company that DOES test on animals – it’s quite the rabbit hole (no pun intended…okay a little).

Not everything I purchased as certified by Leaping Bunny but I did make a large effort that it at least said no animal testing on the packaging or on the website. There were a couple of times that I stumbled.

1) Drano – I tried home remedies first like baking soda and vinegar but to no avail. With my parents coming for the holidays plumbing took priority and clogs had to be cleared.

2) Lip balm. I made it almost all the way through 2012 but then Draco came and a big cold front and my lips dried and cracked and were so painful. I tried my regular lip balms, face lotion, and olive oil and finally cracked and bought a cold weather Blistex tube.

I had stocked up so much on deodorant I haven’t run out yet but that is my other main concern. I have had  a number of people recommend Tom’s to me but I have my doubts. I guess 2013 shall find out. I plan to continue my cruelty-free purchases in the following year, not as a resolution but as a continued way of life (which is the ultimate goal of resolutions, right?). That they become ingrained and we continue without giving as much effort and thought into the tasks.

Still unsure about a 2013 goal – what are you giving a whirl this year?


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