Winter Displays

I love the holiday season at home and at work.

At my school we have 10-week terms and a new one started this week so it has been really busy. But I didn’t let that stop me from putting up some holiday cheer in the library, bookstore, and tutoring room that are my domain.

My main concern when decorating this year is not to create a feeling of exclusion for those who observe other (or no) holidays. So I try to incorporate a range of colors, and focus more on winter than specific holidays.

I found this stocking in a drawer from a previous librarian (I assume). As a school the employees have an annual stocking decorating competition. I am guessing this is from a previous year and since this is a school-sanctioned activity I thought it would be an appropriate decoration in the library.

Dewey Stocking


To be more general, I created a Winter Bucket List display – prominently featuring Read a GOOD BOOK. Although we’re just starting a term, our students will have from Saturday December 22 – Wednesday January 3 off so I am trying to get them to check out some “fun” books to enjoy during that time.

Good Books


At home I choose my most beautiful books and wrap them in glittery ribbon for holiday decorations and thought the same idea would be neutral enough in the library. I chose purple ribbon because that’s our school color. The sleigh is left-over from a present last year but I filled it with candy.

Happy Holidays table

A wider view of some of the bookshelves with the stocking, holiday table, and evergreen garland. Since I put this up my student workers have joined the holiday spirit and made beautiful glitter-painted snowflakes that adorn the shelves and walls everywhere.

Holiday Library


What sort of winter/holiday decorations do you do at home or at work?


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