Green Thumb?

Garden Treasures

We picked the first fruit of my labor this morning to go with our weekend egg sandwiches : my tomato.

I attended the Cedar Rapids Ecofest in April and was given a free tomato and several pepper plants. That day I came home, potted them with year old potting soil, and hoped. And hoped. And hoped.

About a month ago a small green tomato showed up on my plant – it was a very exciting day. I have never been a gardener beyond potting a few impatiens and the idea that I might not kill, and grow something we can eat was exhilarating.

Earlier this week I gleefully pointed out to my husband that the tomato was finally getting color and turning orange with signs of red. And this morning he picked it, cut it up, and ate it on his egg sandwich declaring it was the most flavorful tomato he’s had in a long time – beating out the farmers market breeds too!

Did I mention that I don’t like tomatoes? I like ketchup, tomato sauce, tomato soup, but don’t care too much for the tomato itself. In high school I went to France with a group of students. In St. Malo we were served a dinner of fish – with heads, tails, and scales still attached! (Not exactly palatable to American teenagers). Everyone looked longingly at my vegetarian dish except me – tomatoes. I ate the non-tomato part of my meal and gave the stewed fruit to my best friend – who will eat them raw, like an apple.

Still I was very happy this morning that my husband enjoyed my little fruit so much. And there are now several more flowers on my little plant so maybe we will get some more tomatoes and we can add them to a salad so I can try them too.


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